Architecture and interior design that expresses your style with a touch of elegance and an avant-garde flair.

Creating something original, unique and bespoke implies more research and dedication than other types of projects that are solely focused on functionality.

Above all, if we are nurturing every last stylistic detail, we should also make sure that the results works as a whole. In other words, that the space has personality, connects with people, and that every element fits in a coherent way.

All this will make your fingerprint visible.

my methodology

1. Geting to know your project

In order to convey the lifestyle you want your dream project to embody, I need to meet you and get to know the space in question. We’ll schedule a meeting where you’ll tell me all about your ideas, questions, doubts, etc. so I can figure out how to help you shape your dream space.

The first meeting is crucial because it’ll provide me with the information I need to create a project as you’ve imagined it. It will also give you a chance to tell me what you find exciting and why, what inspires you and all about your lifestyle or your brand style and what kind of clients you want to appeal to. Do you like to have people over? Do you value order, above all else? Do you love reading? Every little detail counts when creating a space that tells us who you are.

After this meeting, I will visit the site, take measurements, assess its current state, draw up the plans, and take some pictures. There we will discuss how you imagine each area, how you will move through them, and how you want to live there. In the case of business environments, we will determine how you want your clients to feel in this space and what you want to convey to them.

2. Giving your space a signature identity.

Now that we know each other, it’s time to shape your project with your wishlist in mind. During this stage, we will focus on the concept in order to let creativity reign as we search for the most ambitious solutions.

I will develop the concept that will be our guide, the roadmap that will lay out the decisions we’ll need to make throughout the process. At this point, I will create renders, images, blueprints, references and presentations regarding lifestyle and the different spaces; in short, all the documents that will make up the foundation we’ll build the pillars of the project upon.

When the concept and the design intention package is done, we will work out an estimate to see if it falls within your budget. Once you make a decision about the role you want me to take throughout the project, we will move forward with aspects such as distribution and furniture choices. You’re the one who’ll decide if you want me to work solely on the architecture and interior design, or if you want my expertise to extend to other aspects such as furniture design, landscape or decoration, among others.

Once we’ve outlined my role in the project, I’ll deliver the floor plans, elevations, sections, details and ceiling plans, as well as the timing for every stage. I will review the relevant regulations and technical needs to make sure you are compliant and research solutions that are viable considering your initial budget. At this stage we’ll have all the indispensable information we’ll require to design the finishes and various elements with the utmost precision.

3. Making your dreams true

In the last stage, the distribution and lifestyle aspects of your project will be finalised, so we can get started on the drawing package. I will deliver all the technical drawings that the contractor and public entities require to begin the onsite construction. If a visa is required, I’ll provide all the necessary documents.
You don’t need to worry about the complicated legal aspects of your project. I will keep you informed every step of the way and will answer any questions that may arise with total transparency. My goal is for you to enjoy the process, but at the same time are aware of how your is project going and what steps each stage requires.

So that there are no errors in the mediations and budgets, you will have tabs of each element of the project, which will include the name of the supplier, the finish and the retail price. This way we’ll make sure that the project is well managed. We will also look at a palette of materials so that you can choose only those you really like. The key is to choose the ones that are perfect for your project. If we cannot find the right ones in the samples, I will accompany you to various stores to discover more options.

4. Making sure everything is in order

Finally, I personally supervise the execution of the works, as well as the details of each element.


During the initial meetings, we will discuss any financial aspects that may concern you. I will explain how to assess the complexity of the project to determine exactly what it will require and what unique aspects it may have. If your project requires major construction, it will have phases that’ll differ from those that require less. This will also be clarified in the initial meeting before you commit to anything. I want you to focus primarily on enjoying the process, and forget about the paperwork and the hassles associated with your project.


I have a group of trusted suppliers that I love to work with. We’ve known each other for a long time and they have never failed me. They know the detail and commitment that I demand of each project, so they always offer solutions to all matters that can arise throughout a project.

I also have no trouble working with new suppliers if you already have some in mind.

A space can perfectly fulfill a certain function, but still lack the spark that makes it special and become a space that goes unnoticed and says nothing about the people who live there.

If you’re looking for unique architecture that connects with your lifestyle, it’s time for us to meet and talk about making your idea a reality.

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