For 30 years, we ‘ve run a pharmacy and herbalist-health food store in the center of Orense, bringing together two worlds that, as it turns out, are complementary and antagonistic at the same time. They’re complementary because they are two contiguous premises with shared ownership, and antagonistic because they have different uses. We wanted to unite them by expanding the pharmacy and incorporating the health food store into the pharmacy. The goal was to create a new space in conversation with the past and set our sights, at the same time, on a more contemproary, environmentally-concious future. So we fell in love with the idea of embracing that natural, green and organic world in our new brand.

One of the problems we faced was that our store is on a corner where several streets converge, which hindered the organization due to the location’s exposure. We also had to account for small areas in which to store a large amount of products and, in turn, provide the necessary privacy for customer consultations.

We thus decided to organise the space into a wider public area, open to the outside, which creates maximum visibility, and a private space for administrative purposes. Between the two spaces we placed a divider and semi-private spaces for consultations, as well as storage for medicines with direct access for the pharmacists.

The project was conceived as a space with light that is characterised by white which is associated with cleanliness and purity, and reminiscent of classic pharmacies. Once inside, however, we discover a warmer, more organic world, where wood is the protagonist as it divides the space between public and private.

We wanted to add ​​this green world to our new pharmaceutical logo by designing leaflets that remind us of nature. In the interior, we represent this world with a eucalyptus wall that adds freshness and aromatises the pharmacy every morning, reminding customers of the herbalist shop.

Countertops, pavement, typography and luminaires follow this chromatic range of muted greens mixed with the purity of white and the warmth of wood.

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